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Impact of Google BERT Update in 2024

Welcome, how are you all?

Today I will talk to you about a new update from Google.

Google brought an update to their search algorithm in 2019 called “Google BERT”.

Technology is a force that is always moving forward. It is his religion to move forward quickly. Along with this, the famous and most used search engine of the tech giant Google is also moving forward. Google occasionally brings updates to improve their search algorithm. Following that, on October 25, Google has brought a new update to their search engine. And Google named it BERT Update.

What is Google BERT Update?

When someone searches for something on Google, sometimes it is seen that searching for one thing leads to another thing. Simply put, many times Google failed to show the correct information.

However, as a result of this “Bert Update” of 2019, Google will now try to display each search result correctly!
Considering the previous updates, this is one of the biggest updates from Google. And so now Google has become more user friendly and more natural and human-like.

But Burt is focusing only on English keywords for now, but will be focusing on other languages very soon.
Meanwhile, Google Bert has completely merged with Google and started working as a new update.

Now it can be said, what do I do?

His answer is that since you are a user, it is now easy for you to search for something on Google and get the right information. If you used to search Google by typing “pizza” then the result would be ‘pizza’ how to eat it, how to make it, Habijabi etc. And as a result of the new update, now by directly typing pizza and searching, your neighborhood shop/pizza shop will be shown.

That is, Google’s results are now much more specific and clear! It understands that the person searching will buy, which is why the results are displayed that way.

Now let’s come to the digital marketer.

Currently, for a digital marketer, due to this update of Google, there is a profit on one side as well as a loss on the other side.

The reason for the gain is,
As a result of the BERT update, Google will no longer show results based on word count. An article of only 300 words can now rank first in Google if the article answers the user’s question correctly and directly! Isn’t that funny?

Now if we pay attention to feature snippet while doing SEO, it is possible to rank an article very easily in this era of BERT updates.

The reason for the loss is,
In the era of BERT updates, previous SEO strategies have to change. Because one person can think differently about a question. So it will be difficult for an SEO expert to understand how someone searches for a topic or with which keyword. So nowadays article SEO optimization has become relatively difficult.

Another loss may not have caught anyone’s eye so far. That is, as a result of “BERT Update”, if someone tries to increase the keyword density by using the reverse keyword to make the user result specific, then the traffic of that website will start to decrease.

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